How to check your phone’s AnTuTu benchmark scores?

Benchmarking a phone is more than just testing because it lets you make an informed decision when comparing devices before your next purchase.

Planning to buy a new phone this holiday season? You may want to consider using a benchmarking tool, like AnTuTu, to show you a phone’s performance rating.

But how can you do it? Here, we’ll show you how to do it and some clues about the numbers.

AnTuTu for Benchmarking Phones

AnTuTu is a popular benchmarking tool for mobile devices to let users compare performance. In theory, the higher the values, the better the phone performs. However, factors like software build and manufacturer’s tweaks may affect it.

Unfortunately, the AnTuTu app is no longer available on the AppStore and Play Store. You’ll have to get it from the tool’s official website. After you’ve downloaded the app, launch it to see the phone’s model and the numerous tests.

Using my LG smartphone, you’ll notice the huge circular icon with the text “Install&Test” at the center of the screen. Tap that to download the AnTuTu 3DBench Lite, designed to complete the whole benchmarking series.

If you tap the Get from Market, you’ll be directed to an application store but the app won’t be there. Go back and tap the Install&Test again and you’ll get the new Download option. Tap that to proceed.

Be patient until the downloading process is done. To check the progress, just tap the Install&Test anytime. After it’s done, AnTuTu 3D Bench Lite will request permission to be installed within the AnTuTu main app.

Once everything’s good, you can now start the benchmarking test. But keep in mind that it may take several minutes to finish the test.

Expect images and videos to appear during the test. Watch how the device performs on gaming and rendering visuals. You’ll be able to tell if what you’ve picked is laggy just from watching.

Why Do You Need to Benchmark Your Phone?

As of writing, there’s no standard minimum for excellent performance on AnTuTu. The scores keep getting higher as new chipsets are launched every year. 

But at the moment, the assumption is that getting a score between 300K and 500K means that the device is great for casual use and light gaming.

If you’re gaming or planning to do more demanding tasks, you’ll need a score of 600K as bare minimum. This is because the current score for top-tier performance is at least 1 million.

Now we have some numbers, benchmarking tools help in informed decisions, especially if you’re managing the cost of your next buy. With so many phones out there, AnTuTu and many similar tools may define if your chosen phone is value for your money.

Notable Concerns

Although AnTuTu is definitely insightful, you can’t rely on it completely. First, it doesn’t compare Android and iOS devices; only devices within the same platform. 

Second, the scores are not directly translated as real-life performance. The numbers are clues on what you can expect. 

And third, the benchmarking may be tweaked to get optimal scores. According to an administrator on Lenovo forums, battery level, CPU and battery temperatures, and background apps may affect the scores.

Some demo phones in stores have AnTuTu installed while others don’t. But it doesn’t mean you can’t demand to have it installed, especially if you’re buying that day.

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