itel RS4 Gaming Review: Jam-packed with your gaming essentials

itel’s newest offering has everything you need for mobile gaming without breaking the bank.

It’s the comeback for itel and this time, the brand is giving us its very first gaming smartphone – the itel RS4! Not only does it have a gaming processor, but the handset also offers up to 12GB of RAM and 256GB internal storage so you can play many games all day, all night.

Before we deep dive into its gaming potential, let’s have a quick rundown of its specs.

Display6.56 inches IPS LCD
Resolution720 x 1612
Refresh Rate120 Hz
ProcessorHelio G99 Ultimate
Memory8 GB or 12 GB
Storage128 GB or 256 GB
Battery5,000 mAh
Charging45 W wired

Although the itel RS4 is a gaming smartphone, it comes with a dual-rear camera system spearheaded by the 50MP Super Clear main camera. If you’re into selfies, an 8MP front-facing sensor will do the job.

The main camera supports 10x zoom and up to 1080p at 30 FPS video recording. You can also apply different shooting modes, like Super Night mode, and various filters, including Magic Sky-Change mode.

Now we got those out of the way, let’s proceed to the gaming performance of the itel RS4.

Gaming Performance

The itel RS4 is powered by the MediaTek Helio G99 Ultimate, paired with up to 12GB of RAM and 256GB ROM. The device supports dynamic memory expansion of double the amount. So, if you get a 12GB RAM model, you can expand it to another 12GB.

Responsible for the visuals is the 6.56-inch display panel with 720p resolution. The punch hole cutout for the selfie camera ensures you of immersive gaming. 

The 120Hz refresh rate on itel RS4 means that you can play games that support up to 120 FPS. To keep your shots accurate, the phone supports 240Hz touch sampling rate – you’re always one step ahead!

We tested the itel RS4 on five games to see how it fares and which graphics setting will likely give the best frame rates. During our gaming tests, we also checked for the battery level and temperature to learn how stable the heating is and how much power is drained in a playthrough.

On Mobile Legends Bang Bang at High frame rate and Ultra graphics, the phone handled the game smoothly without lags or stutters. It even stayed cool despite running on ultra.

On Call of Duty Mobile, the max settings only allow Medium graphics and High frame rate. This seems to be the most optimal setting as well for itel RS4 as the game runs fluid and stable. The device definitely handled the constant twist and turns and a lot of shooting and running.

For one of the most demanding mobile games, the itel RS4 ran Genshin Impact on the lowest possible graphics but at 60 FPS. While there were a few stutters, the handset fared well all things considered on this title, compared to many of its competitors at the same price range.

Back to FPS, we also ran PUBG on the itel RS4 at Smooth graphics and Ultra frame rate. The gaming experience was good despite the large map area. This suggests that the phone is a great gaming companion for first-person shooter and action games.

If MLBB was effortless on the itel RS4, what about Wild Rift? We loaded the game at 120 FPS and High graphics. Wild Rift ran well on the device without noticeable lags or stutters.

So, if you’re a MOBA player, itel RS4 is a mobile gaming companion you should consider for both Mobile Legends and Wild Rift.

To give an immersive gaming experience, the itel RS4 comes with a stereo speaker. This should let you enjoy your games without earphones. Check out our short audio test below.

Battery and Thermal

Besides the chipset, the battery unit plays an important role in gaming. If the capacity is small, the phone needs to be charged more often.

Thankfully, the itel RS4 comes with a 5000mAh battery and it supports up to 45W of wired charging. Just plug it for 30 minutes to get 80% battery level! Full battery is easily achievable in an hour of charging.

If you’re playing at home, plug that charger and enable bypass charging. This turns your itel RS4 into a console-like gaming platform. Bypass charging skips the battery so the phone can directly get its power from the charging brick.

Not only does it help preserve battery health, but it also reduces excess heat. This means, you can play all-day, all-night, or let your character eliminate enemies and loot nonstop while you do other things.

But for gaming on battery, here are our observations, including the temperatures:

Gaming TitleBattery (Base/End)Temperature (Base/End)
Mobile Legends Bang Bang89% / 84%25.4℃ / 31.5℃
Call of Duty Mobile82% / 78 %30℃ / 32.1℃
Genshin Impact77% / 71%26.4℃ / 31.6℃
PUBG70% / 65 %27.6℃ / 30.4℃ – 30.6℃
Wild Rift64% / 58 %27.2℃ / 31.3℃ – 31.4℃
* These values were obtained from 15 minutes of gameplay


If itel plans to keep its new series with a friendly price tag, the brand may want to add these to the next version or higher model:

  1. Higher resolution: The 720p resolution is good and all, particularly on battery life, but some gamers really want that eye-popping visual crispiness. So, we suggest going for a 1080p – the optimal resolution for gaming today.
  2. IP rating: Accidents do happen, like water splashes. It would be nice to have at least an IP53 for a small degree of dust and splash protection.

The first of its kind, itel RS4 delivered impressive performance on popular MOBAs and action games for its price point. 

Moreover, the smartphone is exceptional in handling heat generated by gaming without breaching the 35-degree temperature line – a difficult find among phones in any category.

itel RS4 is fulfilling its promise of low temperatures, whether charging and gaming. Whatever approach the brand did, it’s splendid as it helps protect the battery from adverse effects of heat, giving users a bang for their buck.

You can now get the 120Hz itel RS4 with 45W turbo charging for an SRP of:

  • ₱6,299: 8(+8)GB + 128GB
  • ₱7,499: 12(+12)GB + 256GB

Today, April 15, is the official launching date of the itel RS4, which means the price starts at 4K+ via Shopee Voucher. You can also get an itel A10 EARBUDS or itel BudsFire – official freebies in limited quantity only.

itel launched the itel RS4 in collaboration with Free Fire, the survival battle royale mobile game by Garena. This collaboration ensures that you’ll get lag-free, explosive, and immersive gaming experience. Expect Free Fire to be well-optimized on the itel RS4 too!


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