OnePlus Nord C300 expected to launch next month

OnePlus continues to innovate or sellout: new budget offering will have a MediaTek processor, a first for the “punkish office worker” OnePlus

Regarding the release of new phones in the Nord series, OnePlus has been staying under the radar. However, this year there haven’t been very many Nord phones in the entry-level market. In contrast to recent years, the business is concentrating on affordable flagships or upper-midrange smartphones in 2022.

Gone are the days OnePlus is deemed as the real “alternative” choice, but through the years, they’ve been selling out.

There weren’t many reasonably priced mid-range phones introduced under the series. That will soon change, though. It appears that the business is laying the groundwork for a new OnePlus Nord C300. The gadget will be classified as low-end.

Regardless, the phone’s model number is CPH2389, and it obtained FCC certification. The list validates that the N2, N25, N41, N66, N71, and N77 5G bands are supported. It follows that the OnePlus Nord C300 will include one of the 5G SoCs that are currently on the market.

According to recent reports, the chipset is most likely a MediaTek one. If so, the OnePlus Nord C300 will be the first smartphone in the Nord series to be released in the US using a MediaTek chipset.

Which chipset will be used with this phone is unknown at this time. In any way, the price tag of less than $300 indicates anything in the mid-range market. Based on the options, we anticipate getting something from the Dimensity 800 series, perhaps the Dimensity 810 SoC.

Additionally, the phone will have a 90Hz refresh rate speed. It might have an LCD screen with Full HD+ resolution given the category. In addition, 33W wired fast charging is a detail. The capacity is probably a 5,000 mAh battery, going by consumer trends for the lower price bracket.

The OnePlus Nord C300 will likely reach in the United States first, as the reports claim. But we can’t ignore the fact that it will be released in other markets. Only the future will reveal if it chooses a different name or not.

While the company gets everything ready for the OnePlus 11 Pro launch, they will release the OnePlus Nord C300 as a minor offering.


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