The Rise of Tecno: how they become a well-established rising global brand

Counterpoint published a whitepaper on the rise of Tecno and revolutionizing budget phones for the masses for quite a while now…

The Rise of TECNO is the title of a new industry whitepaper published by Counterpoint Research, a multinational research company with a focus on products for the TMT (technology, media, and telecom) sector.

The study emphasizes how, in recent years, the smartphone market has shifted toward more expensive goods.

Demand, technological developments in various components, and users’ willingness to pay more for their devices are all driving factors. more so in developing markets. According to Counterpoint, various dominant brands have emerged over time.

Additionally, TECNO has emerged as a new force in the present 5G age, promoting new markets, innovation, and premium development.

The whitepaper claims that new brands arose alongside new forces and with the advancement of cellular technology. Their success is primarily due to their ability to see the opportunity in time. Additionally, the creative product line adjusts to market need.

The camera, memory, display, battery, and SoC capabilities of a phone appear to be the primary elements that buyers seem to be focused on, according to Counterpoint. The data on the global share shift of smartphone features allows us to demonstrate this. which the reports’ data from recent years showed.

Rising markets: the perfect start

OEMs are currently integrating more flagship features into more portfolios in an effort to capture the largest possible market share for profitability. and offering customers more advanced features to improve their quality of life and work.

TECNO is a company that has demonstrated foresight and taken advantage of the growth potential in emerging regions among all of the major smartphone OEMs. This is especially true of emerging markets’ premium market sector. By grasping every chance to contribute to the pursuit of ongoing evolution, the company has shown enormous ambition.

Counterpoint highlighted to TECNO’s aim for global success as well as its glocalization strategy, which is supported by a strong R&D ecosystem, in commenting on the company’s performance as a new driving force of premium evolution in new markets.

In addition to reasonable pricing, TECNO offers smartphones that are tailored to the demands of regional users. According to the figures, TECNO achieved at least double-digit growth from 2020 to 2021 in these sectors, which will considerably aid the company’s exploration of the higher-value markets.

Global competitiveness is difficult, and resilient supply chains have been a key component of China’s success in the smartphone market, as Russell Flannery, Editor at Large of Forbes Magazine, said. However, when you dig a little further, technology know-how is at its foundation.

Chinese brands have traditionally prized the advancement of top-tier camera technology. In mid- to high-end smartphones from OEMs, the report researcher observed an increase in the number of excellent cameras with AI capabilities. TECNO keeps an eye on the premium trend to make sure it remains relevant for both the market and the consumer.

PHANTOM X2, which will be released soon, is prominent. with MediaTek Dimensity 9000 5G chipset. as well as the super-fast night video algorithm and the ultra-fast night scene algorithm. It will be incredibly better for users to interact with dark-field images and videos.

Expanding to new markets

In addition, the report held that TECNO’s desire to become a more premium brand extends beyond the smartphone industry. The narrative will continue using the slogan “Stop At Nothing.” praising the “MEGABOOK” launch, which was TECNO’s first attempt at a laptop.

TECNO is gradually creating a new ecosystem with a focus on the “Personal and Home” categories. products with multiple segments included.

According to Tarun Pathak, “Growth of higher spec smartphones underlines the market movement towards premium — and brands like TECNO have adjusted to suit that trend.” He also emphasizes how TECNO is evolving into a key player in the premium market.

In the white paper, we can find additional instances of creative tactics and actions that drive TECNO to steadily expand in premium smartphone markets and other markets. It can be downloaded by readers who might be interested in it for more in-depth information.


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