We asked our staff to tell their scariest tech-related stories for Halloween

Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, we guarantee that these stories that were shared by our fellow UD staff isn’t fantasy at all.

There’s a bunch of things that makes us scared, some people are afraid of ghosts, and some are scared of strange things or phobias. But here in Unbox Diaries, there’s nothing more scarier than our own scary stories related to tech. Let’s read some of them shall we?

From Abby:

T’was one night and my shift was coming to an end, out of the blue, the light starts flickering. Given that I’m a rational person, I investigated what caused the flickering lights and was surprised that the TV in a separate room is also turned on. Shivers quickly inched all over my skin, and before I know it, I quickly got down the stairs, in sheer terror.

From Jhomel:

A tough-guy-gone-sour experience for me, that’s for sure. It was around maybe fifteen years ago, I got those brand new Nokia colored feature phones, and that time it was the hot commodity. Riding on an FX– typically, it’s cramped since the dawn of ages. A couple of guys looking suspicious joined as passengers. On our way, one of them announced an old-fashioned “holdap”. Quickly, I hid my phone under my seat and the thieves believed my alibi that I don’t have any phone on me.

Just as I bask in the glory of my wits, my phone rang: it’s my boss. One of thieves called me a liar for hiding my phone and ultimately gave it and my 150 pesos or I’ll get a mouthful of lead. They left, but not without me trying to notice the attention of fellow bystanders, with no luck since one of the thieves got back and pointed his gun on me to keep me silent. After they were really gone, the driver drove us to the nearest police station, to no avail. My phone was gone, but until that point, I’m still paying for the monthly installment for it. Unlucky.

From VJ:

Never, ever let your guard down while walking. I was on my Bluetooth headphones and currently walking along the Blumentritt station when I noticed that the music stopped playing. Before I know it, my phone was gone. It was the only phone in my life that I have spent more than 15,000 pesos for it. That was a Huawei nova 5.

From Dan:

I loved my Cherry Mobile Flare phone, since it was a donation to me since I was a budding musician and writer as well at that time. I mixed music with it, I wrote a ton of stuff with it. I love that phone to death even though it was a low-spec one. I was walking one day with my school mate when a couple of students playing tag I supposed ran in the middle and pushed me to the sides. My leg hit the sharp corner of a metal table. My phone, which was in my pocket seems unharmed since the corner hit the back of the phone, but the impact was so strong, the screen shattered from behind.

From MJ:

I may admit, I’m not the most careful person in the world, but I’m working on it. My Samsung phone suffered a lot of hard falls, but nothing made my device damaged, until it slid off from table made from marble and it hit the ground. It was a really short fall that to my surprise, a dent finally got the best of my device.

How about you, do you have your own horror stories regarding tech? Share it in the comments and we’ll make a part two if this turns out as a hit.


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