Analyst Kuo: No more iPhone SE series starting next year

The iPhone SE 4 now can lay down to rest: plans for iPhone SE 4 were canceled maybe forever, possibly due to iPhone 14 Plus’s sales

Famed Apple analyst Ming Chi-Kuo initially predicted that the fourth-generation iPhone SE would be shelved or delayed, but he is now convinced that it is no longer manufactured.

Kuo claimed in a Medium post today that Apple planned to release its first in-house 5G chip in the upcoming fourth-generation iPhone SE. However, given that the device has reportedly been canceled, this is no longer expected.

According to Kuo, the iPhone 16 series, among other devices, will most likely continue to use Qualcomm 5G chips in 2024.

Before including the 5G chip in the iPhone 16 models, Kuo claimed that Apple would test the chip’s viability in the iPhone SE.

Kuo’s article:

Qualcomm is the biggest winner of Apple’s cancelation of the 2024 iPhone SE 4. Qualcomm will likely remain the exclusive supplier of baseband chips for the 2H24 new iPhone 16 series (vs. market expectations that Qualcomm will start losing iPhone orders in 2024).

  1. The supply chain has received instructions from Apple indicating that the production and shipment plans for the 2024 iPhone SE 4 have been canceled rather than delayed.
  2. Due to concerns that the performance of the in-house baseband chip may not be up to par with Qualcomm’s, Apple initially planned to launch its baseband chip in 2024 and let the low-end iPhone SE 4 adopt it first, and decide whether to let the iPhone 16 use its baseband chip depending on the development status of iPhone SE 4. However, the cancelation of the iPhone SE 4 has significantly increased the chances of Qualcomm remaining the exclusive supplier of baseband chips for the 2H24 new iPhone 16 series, which is better than the market consensus that Qualcomm will start losing iPhone orders in 2024.
  3. Qualcomm is expected to continue to dominate the global high-end mobile phone RF market in 2023 and 2024 at least, leading to markedly higher profits than its competitors. The company’s strong product mix, which confers competitive advantages, is expected to mitigate the negative impacts of the economic recession and allow Qualcomm to return to solid growth ahead of its competitors once the economy recovers.

The Snapdragon X57 modem for 5G was included in the third-generation iPhone SE when it was released in March of last year. While iPhone 16 models may use the as-yet-unannounced Snapdragon X75, iPhone 15 models are anticipated to use the Snapdragon X70 modem.


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