Google thinks that the Pixel 8 Pro will outshine iPhone 15 series in upcoming release

Will the Google Pixel 8 Pro live up to its hype?

Google’s ongoing video ad series, using the hashtag “#BestPhonesForever,” continues with its latest installment. In this episode, Google presents a captivating narrative that highlights the remarkable AI features of the soon-to-be-launched Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro on October 4th.

This narrative draws a sharp comparison between the Pixel 7 Pro and the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max, which are featured side by side with the Pixel 7 Pro in the video. According to Google, the iPhone has only introduced “a different mute button, a more dynamic island, and a new charging port.” In Google’s view, the iPhone appears somewhat apprehensive about the Pixel 8 Pro potentially outshining it in terms of innovation and possessing “the best AI,” although the exact meaning of this claim remains open to interpretation.

To such an extent that the iPhone boldly predicts that the Pixel 8 devices will become the center of attention, thanks to their captivating design, and expects them to garner a significant amount of buzz. The underlying suggestion here is rather clear: the iPhone appears to be concerned that the upcoming Pixel will generate more excitement.

This notion is quite amusing when you consider the extensive queues that formed in various countries for the iPhone 15 Pro and especially the Pro Max. In reality, the situation seems to be the opposite of what’s being implied, but it’s understandable that Google has its aspirations.

These advertisements are designed to be endearing with their “BFF” theme, but they serve as a platform for Google to target Apple in what it believes to be a vulnerable spot. Nevertheless, this time it appears that Google may have missed the mark.



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