Someone actually modded a regular iPhone to be foldable

Yes, someone did make an iPhone from a regular bar form factor to a foldable phone, and it’s fully functional…to see is to believe!

This appears to be a modified iPhone that can be folded effortlessly. A video posted by 9to5Mac claims that as Apple fans wait impatiently for a foldable iPhone, one user out there already has one.

Yes, someone was competent enough to add a hinge to the iPhone 14 in the video in question, which purports to show iPhone hardware with a hinge that originates from the Motorola RAZR. It appears to be breaking when the user folds it, the phone survived. 

To become a reality, the foldable iPhone 14 borrows a hinge from a Motorola Razr that is quite impressive. That unquestionably calls for strong modding abilities. This, in our opinion, is but a minor portion of the effort. It’s challenging to understand this for that reason.

For instance, the camera is not fully displayed. Only what the video intends to show is displayed. Therefore, it is still unclear whether or not this is true. We have already witnessed a few sophisticated mods in the past.

Users, for instance, have been able to add USB Type-C connectors to iPhones. Through ingenuity, some were even able to double their battery capacity. This folding gizmo, though, looks to be unattainable.

Recent speculations claim that Apple is really developing foldable technology. However, according to the reports, the iPad is more likely than the iPhone to become foldable.

Actually, that makes total sense. After all, both the Mix Fold and the Galaxy Z Fold are “phones that transform into tablets when unfolded.” Apple may perhaps release an iPad that folds into a little tablet.


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