Top 5 phones with the best build quality under 10k

When it comes to best smartphone picks of the year, one thing that people forget is the general build quality. Inasmuch as the internal components of a phone are important, so is the outside feel especially if you are a gamer.

Long sessions of gaming require a well built phone with comfortable guaranteed use along with a gamer aesthetic appearance to house the unit and durable along with that.

Here are 5 smartphones that we think are the best in terms of durability for an affordable price. Please note that this list is not in any particular order.

1. TECNO Pova 4 

The Tecno Pova 4 has a huge 6.82 inch IPS LCD display which displays 720p image that isn’t too shabby due to lower battery consumption. Its rear side features a magnificent back surface that is textured, eye-catching, and somewhat tough and quite protective.

The power button, which also serves as a fingerprint scanner, sits flush below the volume rockers on the device’s right side which is a great design approach to keep everything fucntional yet appealing to the eay. For your gaming needs, there is a sim tray on the left that can hold two sim cards or one sim card and an SD card that can be enlarged up to a whopping 1TB

The general graphic geometries on the back of the phone is the feature which stands out the most giving it that gamer appearance

If you want to read more about the specs, Click here: TECNO Pova 4

2. Poco M4 5G

The back of the smartphone is made of polycarbonate, and it doesn’t appear cheap. It is well-constructed and comfortable in the hand. The device’s 200 gram weight can occasionally feel excessively large. 

It features a black camera module with two lenses and POCO logo on the back. Additionally, it is a 5G smartphone as shown by the writing 5G on the bottom side. The rear panel feels smooth to the touch and has a textured finish. The shiny coating of the camera module makes it easy for smudges to stick to it. Positively, the rest of the body is not prone to smudges.

The speaker grill, USB Type-C connector, and microphone are located on the bottom edge of the plastic side frame which is most convenient and comfortable position. The right side has a power button and volume rockers, while the left edge has a SIM tray. The 3.5mm headphone socket is located at the top for people who choose to continue listen to music on traditional headphones. Additionally, the power button serves as a fingerprint reader which has always been one of the best options to place a fingerprint scanner. All in all, the smartphone has a fashionable, modern appearance.

If you want to read more about the specs, Click here: Poco M4 5G

3. POCO M5

The Poco M5 come in Yellow, Green, and Black with a leather-like back and a camera bar that ran the length which feels more like a sophisticated design. Despite being inexpensive, this gives the phone a more expensive appearance.

Instead of the usual smooth, cheap-feeling plastic, the back of the phone has a texture that resembles leather. Because of that, the phone is less likely to have issues with fingerprints or smudge, and it gives the phone a little bit of durability to the touch. It’s also a lot lighter than some other phones, which makes it simpler to handle and operate with one hand.

In terms of ports, it features a USB-C charging connector and a 3.5mm audio jack, the latter of which may be a rarity on most premium phones nowadays but is more likely to be found on this end of the price spectrum.

If you want to read more about the specs, Click here: POCO M5

4. Infinix Hot 12 Play

The Hot 12 Play has a typical polycarbonate construction, and the chassis is extremely robust. Furthermore, the device is manageable despite its enormous frame. It’s also worth noting that the phone comes with a USB Type-C port on the bottom, which is always welcome in the realm of low-cost electronics.

The phone has a 6.82-inch HD+ LCD screen with a resolution of 720 x 1640 pixels. Additionally, the display has a 180Hz touch sampling rate, a 90.66% screen-to-body ratio, and a 90Hz refresh rate which is spot on. The display has vibrant colors with a 90Hz refresh rate that is smooth.

The screen feels smooth and beautiful, and the design is excellent overall. Your multimedia requirements will be well-served by the bottom-facing speaker as well. The transition from micro-USB to type-C is amazing, especially if Type-C connections and fast charging bricks have taken over your home.

If you want to read more about the specs, Click here: Infinix Hot 12 Play

5. TECNO Pop 6

To quote about the durability and the overall build of the phone click the link here: Tecno Pop 6

6.1 inch IPS LCD ang kaniyang display with waterdrop notch, something na dapat ay naka-punch hole na dapat, pero it’s still reasonable dahil sa kaniyang price. Sa unang glance naman, makikita mo kaagad ang kaniyang thick bezels, at sa side ng display, may mapapansin ka rin na even more bezels, raised siya kaya nakaangat ang screen. Mukha siyang rugged phone sa harapan without the ruggedness, only the looks since the Tecno Pop 6 is neither waterproof or dust-proof. 720p ang kaniyang resolution, which kahit mababa based on today’s standards, power saver naman ang ganitong display at hindi naman gaano nakakaapekto sa experience when watching, scrolling, or gaming.


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