What Really Happened Between Vince’s Relationship With His iPhone 13 Pro Max: A Tell-All 

Gossips, issues and infidelity — that’s what Vince’s iPhone 13 Pro Max felt after catching him researching about the newest iPhone 14 just hours ago. Is this an end of a fruitful friendship, how will Vince fix their straining relationship?

It’s been nearly a full whole year since the iPhone 13 series had been released and people are still clamoring for it up to this day. Here at Unbox Diaries, Vince needs to have his own iPhone 13 Pro Max— from the very first glance, his first touch and the first booting up of the smartphone, he can’t get enough of this marvelous piece of tech.

Until days ago, the Apple launch is nearing day-by-day to launch the newest iPhone 14 lineup, and his Sierra Blue iPhone 13 Pro Max he dubbed as “Sherrie B.” is feeling a lil’ bit obsolete and perhaps unloved for the first time in a year since she got purchased.

Confirmed: may alitan nga sina Vince and his iPhone 13 Pro Max (Sherrie B.)

We managed to arranged an exclusive interview with Sherrie B. to know more about her growing worries and anxiety towards her owner, Mr. Vince Domingo.

“We were the best of friends,” said Sherrie. “I remember when he first opened up my box, I saw his face and his genuine smile— his eyes are glowing like the brightest stars in the sky, even though I didn’t knew what a star by then, Siri just told me during the testing process at the factory.”

Sherrie told us, “I knew Vince is something special because most of my kind didn’t even have their own name, just a number, widely known as an IMEI. And my other colleagues are named after their owner. But me, I was given my own identity. I felt loved, I felt cared. That moment, I feel like the luckiest smartphone in the world. Being in the hands of a popular person, an overall nice guy and he cares about me a lot. He gives me space to relax, he even takes me to his errands or when he swam in a natural spring pool in Pansol.”

When asked about why his love for Vince has entered a difficult stage, Sherrie explained: “I was just laying in a table, just chilling around, me being me— a smartphone. Then, as he was working, I saw something…bronze. I saw someone with a pill-shaped notch. It’s the newest model of myself: the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The way he looked at it— it’s really unbearable to the point that I was on the verge of tears! It was a traumatic experience for me.”

Caught in the act: Is Vince planning to sell his kidney, or just looking for his birth mark (balat)?

Sherrie did mentioned the several altercations between her and Vince, and it ended up with an uncomfortable silence for days upon end. “We did get fired up during argument. I accused him of being unfaithful to me, after all I’ve done for him— he’s just abandoning me with a pill-shaped monstrosity. The horror, that 14 Pro Max gal isn’t even that sexy or classy like me. I respect tradition, the 14 Pro Max doesn’t. But good God, I even saw him examining his sides, pressing his kidney area while researching on my brother MacBook Air about what a single kidney costs in the black market. I am so jealous, he will go to great lengths just to acquire the 14 Pro Max. I didn’t even asked him to harm himself to get me in the first place. He even threw me (although accidentally during a fit of rage) across the room. Thankfully, I am unharmed, thanks to IP68’s tight protection.”

Please be careful with your iPhone, Vince!

Sherrie then left crying. After a few hours, we managed to get Vince’s statement on the issue: “I love my iPhone 13 Pro Max. I love my best friend, Sherrie. I know she’s quite moody these days because of the newer iPhone 14 Pro Max. We’ve been through a lot. We caught a lot of priceless moments through her camera. I even introduced her to my wife Shang, and they are also great friends up to this day.”

Sinong pipiliin ni Vince? iPhone 13 Pro Max or the iPhone 14 Pro Max?

Vince then followed it by saying, “I didn’t know that my iPhone 13 Pro Max has feelings in the first place. Maybe it’s the A15 Bionic’s advance processor that made her sentient. I am so guilty right now and want to make amends with my phone as soon as possible.”

Vince also clarified that he’s just filming a skit during the kidney/organ selling situation and his actions about researching the iPhone 14 Pro Max is all a misunderstanding. “As a tech YouTuber, I need to be up to date with the latest phones around. And that includes the iPhone 14 Pro Max, among others. Even though there’s a new iPhone in town, I will still continue to use my phone ehem— Sherrie B. every day even if I manage to get one as a review phone or as another daily driver of mine. She’s still beautiful, she’s still the best, but we must welcome new additions to the Unbox Diaries family.”

The iPhone 13 Pro Max, getting that much needed attention from Vince after an argument.
“XOXO, bati na tayo!”

Moments after the interview, we managed to get a peek shot of Vince and his iPhone 13 Pro Max, and it looked like all is fine for now.

In a tweet, Apple CEO Tim Cook said this:



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