Do this to drastically improve your battery on your Android phone!

Is your phone always stressing you with the battery always draining fast? Whether you’re rocking a Samsung, Google Pixel or any other Android phone, today we will give you some awesome tips to improve your battery usage. 1. Smart Battery Optimization: Samsung Devices Samsung devices come with a nifty tool that automatically optimizes your battery […]

These Xiaomi smartphones will no longer receive software updates!

Xiaomi is no stranger to controversy when it comes to software support for Xiaomi smartphones. They’ve made a bold move by discontinuing updates for models that can’t handle the latest hardware-dependent versions. They’re not shy about it either. Xiaomi keeps users informed through their EOS list, which reveals the unlucky devices that have lost update […]

These Android devices come with PreInstalled Malware!

It turns out that millions of Android TVs and phones are being plagued by preinstalled malware. Yikes! Low-cost Android devices seem to be bearing the brunt of this ongoing security nightmare. Countries with Android devices affected Even though the specific Android devices affected were not made clear, the number of infected devices are distributed globally […]

How to create the Trending Wes Anderson Trend on TikTok

Recently, a Wes Anderson trend has been spreading like wildfire on TikTok, and it’s stunning! We will now help you hop on the trend by showing you how to make it. Who/What is Wes Anderson Wes Anderson is an accomplished filmmaker known for his unique cinematic style, characterized by symmetrical shots, warm-toned and saturated filters, […]

How to watch NBA playoffs in the Philippines

The NBA is currently in the Playoffs stage and we are seeing tough and thrilling matchups that we have waited for so long. Here is how you can watch the NBA playoffs in the Philippines. 1. Watch through broadcastings You can watch the intense NBA Playoffs 2023 action live in the Philippines through various broadcasting […]

How to find a lost or stolen phone ( On or Off)

If you landed here, chances are you have been in a situation where your phone either got lost or stolen. Here is how to find a lost or stolen phone I was once in the same situation but I was fortunate enough to recover mine through luck and mere kindles. However, I will share some […]

Beware of “Juice Jacking” when you use Public Charging Stations!

Are you aware that every time you plug your phone into a public charging station, you might be exposing yourself to a sneaky cyber attack called “juice jacking”? This warning comes from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the US. They are advising against using USB ports for charging in public spaces such as […]

How to Download and Install the New Android 14 beta

The wait is finally over! Google has officially launched the Android 14 Beta program and Android users cannot wait to try it. Before you get too excited, this beta release is currently available for eligible Pixel devices, which includes almost the entire Pixel lineup starting from Pixel 4a and up to Pixel 7 Pro. Adding […]

5 tips to Ensure a Safe and Peaceful Holy Week

As Holy Week approaches, it’s essential to consider ways to observe this sacred time in a safe and peaceful manner. Avoid large crowds While the pandemic might seem to be over, COVID is still there. To minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19, it is advisable to avoid large crowds whenever possible. If you are […]

Top 10 AI Apps for Android and iOS

AI apps are all the rage, branching out from image generation to chat, search, and more. Here are the Top 10 AI Apps that you should know about. AI Mirror This app uses AI image generation to create new images with filters from your uploaded pictures. It has a wide variety of filters and primarily […]

No Software updates? No problem. Do this!

Phones seem to have a longer life-span nowadays, but Software updates do not continue to be available for all devices. Here is how you can keep your phone safe and functional even when you don’t receive updates anymore. It’s important to be mindful of the risks of continuing to use phones that no longer have […]

Infinix Note 12 for only Php937 pesos? Legit or scam?

One of our team here in Unbox Diaries spotted a somewhat sketchy yet enticing sponsored ad on Facebook at apparently offers an Infinix device for less than a thousand pesos We humans love free stuff and we can’t deny that if getting it free isn’t an option, maybe buying it at the cheapest possible price […]

Top 5 budget phones under 6k that can run Mobile Legends smoothly

6K mystery finds ba para sa smooth Mobile Legends gameplay? We’ve got you, partner! Get ready for your cash and elibaps na ng smartphones na ituuu! We all know by now that smartphones aren’t that cheap, to begin with, at least in our country with all the inflations and corruption– indulging in buying a very […]

UD Asks: When you should buy a new smartphone?

Do you really need to buy a new smartphone, or your phone is just good enough to last you for a couple of years more? Let’s find out. Smartphones are essential tools in contemporary life, and it’s no secret that technology is developing quickly. Every year, there are new models and features released, making it […]

UD Asks: is my smartphone capable enough to run the latest apps and games?

Tech is advancing so fast at the speed of Mach 10 and you don’t want your phone to be outdated, so the question: is it capable now? One of the key factors affecting how well a smartphone performs is the phone’s processor. It manages and processes the data, applications, and other functions of the device’s […]

Top 10 worst processors 2023 according to NanoReview

These are the top 10 worst processors in 2023, according to the SoC aggregator site, NanoReview. Is your phone has any of these chipsets? Processors are the backbone of a smartphone so it’s appropriate to demand these SoC (system-on-a-chip) their best. But sometimes, due to multiple factors, our phone has a sluggish chipset inside, but […]

Smartphone charging speed technology: a timeline

We’ve come a long way when it comes to smartphone charging speed tech, but who was the first to do it? Who’s the fastest now? In this article, we created a table of some of the milestone charging speeds over the last decade to determine who started it and who dominates now! Also, keep in […]

Get to know more about Lazada’s epic 11th Birthday Sale today!

Its Lazada’s epic 11th birthday sale today? Are you ready to avail the latest deals and discounts now? We’re sure you are! Watch the 11th Birthday Super Show here on Facebook Live: Lazada, one of the most-trusted e-commerce services here in the Philippines is currently celebrating its “Lazada’s Epic 11th birthday” in the country […]

UD Asks: What are the best and worst smartphone camera innovations over the last ten years?

Smartphone cameras have come a long way since their inclusion over two decades now— but not every innovation is great, so let’s list the best and worst of it Since their inception, smartphone cameras have advanced significantly from being nothing more than low-resolution sensors with few features and no zoom. Smartphone manufacturers have made significant […]

UD Asks: Should you settle for an entry-level smartphone instead of a flagship one?

Why buy a single expensive flagship device when you can buy a dozen of entry-level ones for the same price, amirite? Well, not so fast. Smartphones, which are available in a wide range of designs, sizes, and prices, have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. While high-end flagship smartphones come with the most […]

UD Asks: Do you really need a smartphone with 4K display?

Having a 4K display in your palms in the form of a smartphone brings so many perks (bragging rights) to users, but do you really need one? In terms of screen resolution, smartphones have made significant advancements in recent years. Smartphones can now deliver an incredibly sharp and vivid viewing experience thanks to the advent […]

Tips to take care of your smartphone while charging

In order to have a long lasting smartphone battery, we obviously need to take care of it. Plenty of users are trying to take care of their smartphones in their little ways but they neglect various safety tips when their smartphone is charging It is important to safely charge your phone for several reasons: By […]

Five ways to use your smartphone to your advantage this Valentine’s Day

You can’t live on love alone, you have to book hotels (wink), cook food, and make the best day for you and your partner, but how? You have your smartphone to guide you! In this modern era, we are living filled with negativity and sadness, one of the days that remind us of how human […]

8 ways to keep your smartphone from overheating🔥🌞

We all had an experience where our smartphones become hotter than the sun itself, where you feel like it can cook raw eggs >.< Here are 8 ways to prevent your phone from overheating 😇 Care for your smartphones to make them last longer than your ex. 😊 👍 ❤️

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