Secret finds: Lhen’s 100% Original Phones (with interview)

We featured so many online gadget stores here on this website, but none are as enthusiastic as one Lhen Dela Cruzread on as we talk about her small beginnings to where she is right now

Plenty of online stores in the Philippines offer second-hand, refurbished, or old-stock phones at a wide range of prices. That’s an excellent alternative for a competitive phone without paying top dollar.

But sometimes, whatever the reason– we have wanted that phone so badly for four or five years ago that we can’t buy it since we don’t have the money at the moment. And now, the price is down, and you still want it. Or you may want to feel the nostalgia of owning an old phone.

A screenshot of her page showing some of the phones that she sells

Lhen Dela Cruz here has all you need from old-stock phones that are still kicking up to this day, like the LG Velvet or LG V Series or past Samsung S Series models. Lhen and her store, LHEN S DCRUZ 100% ORIGINAL PHONES, also offer nostalgic legacy phones like the bewildering Samsung Folder Series or the LG Wine, which you can touch type at the same time and has since developed a cult following amongst KDrama fans.

After we bought our own LG Wine, Lhen is nice enough to accept our interview invite and answer some of our questions.

UD: “When did you start this kind of business?”

Lhen: Before becoming a gadgets seller, I sold clothes and shoes first. Then I realized over the years that there is much more potential in selling devices– so I gave up on apparel of sale and moved on to selling what I have today.

UD: “Why sell second-hand/refurbished/old-stock/niched phones instead of the latest models?”

Lhen: All phones I sell are either used (in excellent condition) or old-stock phones directly from South Korea, which are called “Korean Variants.” I chose to sell these kinds of phones because I see the demand from customers who are seeking to own a phone with interesting form factors (LG Wing, LG Velvet) and flagships that can blow most mid-rangers out of the water these days (LG V50, V50S, Samsung S Series). Also, Korean variants are much cheaper than Global variants without any compromises in performance, materials used, and overall specs.

UD: “What are your bestsellers?”

Lhen: Some of the best-selling phones here in my store are the following: LG Wine, Samsung Folder 1 & 2, LG Velvet, LG V50S (with dual screen), and Samsung S Series.

UD: “What phones will you recommend daily driver-worthy under Php6,000?”

Lhen: I would recommend Samsung Galaxy A30, Samsung Galaxy A50, LG Q61, and LG Q51 because of their large screens, decent performance, and overall aesthetics.

UD: “What are the advantages and disadvantages of second-hand smartphones?”

Lhen: One of the advantages of buying one is that it is cheaper, and if you want to save more for other things while still having a decent device, this is your best bet. Korean phones are also proven durable and well-made by reputable brands like LG and Samsung. It also helps the environment by reducing e-waste. However, the disadvantages are that it’s a second-hand device, and sometimes some phones have issues or defects, so it’s best to inspect it thoroughly before buying. That’s why I am offering a warranty and being transparent to my customers as much as possible.

So there you have it– Lhen Dela Cruz, vlogger, a bonafide seller, and a proud eco-friendly advocate. Visit her shop by clicking this link, and remember to support our small business owners!


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